Surat Takshila Coaching Centre Fire News 2019

24th May, 2019, Surat Fire Tragedy, 20 dead and more than 20 injured, ranging fro 4 years to 21 years, the young and juvenile, totally unaware of their painful fate.

Who is responsible – Builder, Operator or the Administration?

Each one have their role in this merciless act of god incident. The builders casual attitude towards safety, the Operator running the centre’s, awareness on safety and the lastly the administration with merger resources and funds, not capable of scanning the entire city’s building as they are under capacity.

What to do – Every building is equipped with the fire fighting equipment and systems, but no one to operate them. We need to educate our near and dear ones on the safety issues at school level. An American or a British child is taught all these emergency procedure while at school and we intent to literate our generation teaching them history and geography and no emphasis is made on preservation of life. Even after such tragic incidents we still don’t learn to change ourselves, we just pray this should not happen to us in future..

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